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After I joined HUNT ERA I found there really is a massive difference between the companies I could work for. I ve been able to produce 4 times the sales in a few months than I had done in 2 years with our competition and while doing that also provide better service for my clients! My direct manager, our office manager, ProShow (for appointments and follow up) and now Seller Select! It s an amazing combination for success and the best part is, this is for both the client and the agent.
Todd Aichinger, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
HUNT Real Estate ERA
My commitment to helping my customers to make the right real estate decision is backed by one of the most progressive real estate companies in the marketplace today. HUNT Real Estate ERA, through its unique products and services, has afforded me the ability to service my customers like no other real estate professional in town and my track record proves that.
Nancy Quigg, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
HUNT Real Estate ERA
I enjoy working at HUNT because my fellow agents are fantastic, helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to share their experience. The HUNT training tools are state-of-the-art and the best in the industry.
Domenick Losurdo, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
HUNT Real Estate ERA
We believe that HUNT ERA is the perfect place for anyone wishing to succeed in this business. HUNT s proprietary programs and services like our Customer Service Center and the 24 Hour HUNT Hotline provide our clients with the expertise and service we need to help them achieve their goals. Teaming with HUNT ERA allows us to provide Results to our Sellers and Buyers.
Brian MacGorman & Cassie Osgood - The Results Team, Licensed Associate Real Estate Brokers
HUNT Real Estate ERA
I interviewed six other well known companies before joining the HUNT team. The tools at your disposal are second to none. HUNT also has the most well established training programs available to their agents. The greatest reason, however, simply came down to the people. On all levels, this is a team that I am with long term.
John Spaschak, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
HUNT Real Estate ERA
I am constantly looking for new tools that will help my clients sell their home faster and for the most money. I truly believe that the HUNT Hotline is one of the most innovative new technologies to hit the marketplace. As always, HUNT Real Estate has taken another step towards providing me with the best tools and support to help me grow in a competitive market.
Joe Trifilo, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
HUNT Real Estate ERA
In my business, I provide the very best service by putting my clients first. This means responding quickly to their needs. This "client first" philosophy has always been my approach and it requires me to continually improve my skills and ways of doing business. I`ve found that the latest technologies that HUNT Real Estate ERA provides are enabling me to do everything I`ve always done, only much more quickly and efficiently. HUNT also helped me to extend the range of services I provide to my clients through mortgage, insurance, title, and so much more.
Bonnie Clement, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
HUNT Real Estate ERA
Just starting out in real estate? Or are you a seasoned professional who is looking to grow?
Whatever your situation, we would like to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be,
and take the next step in your real estate career.

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